My French Life Poems

1.  My poem is about an experience that I had in Paris at the Eiffel Tower
when I was 16. It's not in French, but it happened in France. :)
2.  Attached is the poem I am entering. This poem relates to the theme, "My French Life" because it is a poem describing my first time landing in France. Therefore, it is inspired by my first impressions of the City of Lights as we landed.

3.  My poem Ma Rose et Moi applies to the My French life theme because it's about my life and it's in French. French is a big part of my life, and I can use it as a way to express things that I normally wouldn't in English.

4.  I wrote this poem after a visit to the French Writing Lab which taught me that there is but one correct French and that is the French of the French. As a consequence, I feel that my life in French is necessarily attenuated, conflicted by the competing demands of the "proper" grammar and the different language communities which define what is "proper". Thus I feel that it is an initiation rather than a learning experience.



7.  This poem is titled after a French movie about Yves St. Laurent that I saw last year. It is inspired by thoughts on the difficulty of continuous love portrayed in the film.

9.  When I though about the topic of my French life I realized that although my life has not been decidedly French in any way and I am only now in college beginning to study the French language and culture, it can still be a part of my experience and my world. I find that because I have not been exposed to the French culture my entire life; I find it fascinating and beautiful in a way that I could never hope to feel about my own background. Studying later in my life gives me an appreciation I could never have felt otherwise.
10.  This is a poem I wrote while I was in Paris completing a life-
long dream to go to Paris. Even now I look back and remember the
experience with love.

11.  So this is a piece I wrote, put to music. It's definitely inspired by french culture, women, food, and... women. I think it's one that everyone can enjoy and relate to.

12.  A poem written in my French 202 class in Paris last year, thus a part of my life in France. Truly a gem!