My French Life Art

1.  French Flag

2.  My life is French....I would eat macarons for every meal if I could!

3.  France & I Go Hand In Hand

4.  This is a collage of many of the French related things that I love and are a big part of my life. From movies, art, fashion, and food to phrases 'en français', French has had such a big impact in my life which is why I have such a love for the language and a desire to learn more about the culture. Since it has to be entered in a j.peg format, I decided to make a photo collage of my collage and to include myself in it as a way to fully express the "My French Life" theme because this piece represents the French influence in my life and so I am very much a part of this artwork.

5.  The reality of studying French, is just that, real.This image contrasts the ideal/stereotypical French student, with the sometimes not too glamorous reality of a student, who also studies French.
6.  'Oh La La' Embroidery on Paper
7.  The brash, young bourgeois sat comfortably in the yellow and red place, looking quite pleased with himself indeed as the serpent persisted solemnly. Tout comme il faut.